2 new innovative products from Onurcan Ambalaj!

15 September 2020 Tuesday

As Onurcan Ambalaj, we bring you 2 innovative designs: Smart Bag and Pizza Tower!

Smart Bag

Smart Bag is designed in accordance with the logic of for The 3 'R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 

It is rewarded design of Onurcan Ambalaj. Coming into prominence with its environmentalist side, the Smart Bag is that it is 100% recyclable, unlike plastic bags.

In Turkey, a person uses 312 plastic bags annually; this means only 15 Smart Bags per year because the Smart Bag is designed to reuse 20 times.

Smart Bag, which has the 15 liter carrying capacity, provides regular and stable carrying of every product with its unique design.

Thanks to its tip-up solution, smart bag takes up minimum space in your life.

Smart Bag is designed to be re-used in different areas of our daily life.

This long-life, 100% ecofriendly product will make your life easier in every aspect; thanks to its simple set-up design without the need for tape usage, it will definitely be preferred in the environmentalist world of the future.

Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower, an original design awarded and produced by Onurcan Packaging.

This box enable us to cover from 2 to 6 pizzas with only one cover. It saves paper up to 20%, 28%, 36% with the addition of 2nd, 3rd, 4th packages, respectively. For example, if you are a operation that sells 10000 pizza boxes per month , when you use the Pizza Tower instead of standart pizza box, you avoid about 6 trees from being cut.

It provides elimination of plastic tripod with edge, stops plastic single-use plastics usage.

Pizza Tower provides safety and easy carrying with the lock system, also this design takes less space than the ordinary pizza boxes.

Pizza Tower minimizes chemical contact by reducing ink usage and also saves on ink. Pizza Tower, which only covers printing, reducing the contact of pizza with chemicals.

Due to the nature of design, Pizza Tower has proven to be ecofriendly product by saving costs of raw materials, logistics and stoping the consumption of single use plastics.