90 % of the corrugated products is used in industrial and commercial activities. Corrugated packaging waste obtained from households and constitutes 10% of the scrap paper trade. 23% of these waste papers obtained from households are separated as new fibers and used in the production of new corrugated board packaging. 77% of the waste paper in the paper industry is used in the production of new corrugated board.

  • Corrugated board is 100% recyclable.
  • 70% of the paper, which is the raw material of corrugated board, is obtained from recycling.
  • The rate of recycled board to be used in new production is 85% approximately.
  • By recycling of one ton of waste paper, 17 grown trees is prevented to be cut.
  • While packagings made of corrugated board disappears in the nature in 3 months, it takes 500 - 4,000 years for other packages in nature to resolve and the chemicals they spread to the soil while they resolve damage the whole ecosystem.