Why Corrugated Paper?

1. Circular By Nature – Sustainability

  • Easy to recycle

  • Bio-based and renewable

    Effective mechanisms:

    Used corrugated packaging has been recycled effectively, supporting the well-established market for recycled paper as a secondary raw material.

    Sustainably sourced:

    Forest owned or managed by the European pulp and paper industry are forest management certified.

  • Adding value after use

  • Ecodesign:

  • Infinite design possibilities:
    Corrugated packaging can be easily shaped to precisely fit the products and in addition to that it protects and designed to fold easily.

  • Efficient storage:
    Suppliers and retailers can make the best use of shelf, storage and truck space, eliminating unnecessary road miles and CO2 emissions.

2. Meet business requirements

  • Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

    Corrugated Shelf Ready Packaging means faster and easier shelf replenishment as it is no longer necessary to re-stock shelves. Not only does it save time for retailers, but impactful graphic design also results in highly effective brand communication.

  • Ideal Logistics Partner

    Corrugated packaging can be made to any standard size, but it can also be tailored-made to the product

  • Efficient and Cost effective

  • Brand Enhancer

  • Corrugated packaging: e-commerce’s perfect partner

  • Ideal Logistics Partner

3. Product protection

  • Safe and Hygienic 

    The corrugated manufacturing involves high temperatures, the material itself reaches at least 100 °C three times during the production process ensuring the elimination of microbes and bacteria.  In addition, each package is used for only one delivery.

  • Fit for purpose

    Its unique structure makes it strong, while keeping it lightweight and low cost. Corrugated efficiently protects the goods from vibrations, impact and shock, temperature variations, dust and dirt, sunlight, even over long distances.

4. Creativity

  • High-tech & innovative

    Modern Supply Chain Management (SCM) calls for RFID capable packaging. Thus, it must be easy for the materials to carry the tags that are now used for identifying transported goods.

    This is no problem for corrugated board. RFID tags can be glued easily to the material and quickly identified at any time or place.

  • Product Identification

    Corrugated packaging improves supply chain visibility. It allows efficient product identification, a concern which today has become, just as important as brand identification. Corrugated carries all the information and data necessary for logistics purposes, such as the various signs, codes, barcodes or matrix codes, as well as RFID labels.