The eco-friendly, sustainable, seperate and distinct designed products we designed recently are introduced to the market in the Assosication of Turkish Corrugated Board Producers’ News

20 November 2020 Friday

In the October issue of OMÜD's (The Assosication of Turkish Corrugated Board Producers) News magazine with Pizza Tower, our newly designed product, which we introduced recently attracted great attention within our region due to the eco-friendly seperate and distinct design.

Pizza Tower offers us the possibility to store with a single lid from a minimum of 2 pizzas to a maximum of 6 pizzas. Thanks to this feature, Pizza Tower saves an average of 36% paper. If a business that uses 10.000 pizza boxes per month prefers Pizza Tower for deliveries, it prevents about 6 trees from being cut compared to a standard design. The printing is used only on the lid, reducing the contact of the pizza with less paint with the chemical to a minimum. The need for tripods with corner carriers is eliminated, the contact of food with the lid is completely cut off, the use of plastic is reduces to zero. 

In Onurcan Ambalaj, we support the sustainable, eco-friendly, circular by nature products that fits for purpose and meets the business requirements with more efficient designs.